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Passover 2024

Dear Bazelt Family, esteemed donors and friends,

As the spring holiday of Passover approaches, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a joyous season of freedom, tranquility, and peace. We pray and hope for the safe return of our loved ones held captive by Hamas, and for the well-being of our security forces facing current threats.

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 Bazalt Youth Photography Competition - 2024

The 4th Annual Photography Competition 2024 will open on April 7th, 2024.

The theme of this year's competition is "Renewal".

Click on the following link for details and regulations:

מלחמת "חרבות ברזל"

The "Iron Swords" war that was forced upon us on October 7th continues, with fighting taking place on all fronts.    Members of the Bazelet Association operate within the national effort, both within the service in the "Inbar" Unit, within the various reserve combat units, and in volunteering and assistance at various aid projects.

 The members of the association hope for the safe return of the hostages held captive by Hamas, express their condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers, wish a full recovery to the wounded, and strengthen the hands of the fighters in the IDF, and in the other national security forces.

United we shall prevail !!!

The "Inbar" Unit  would like to thank all the donors, supporters and volunteers who assisted in the unit's activities during the war.  During these days, the unit is recruiting additional fighters alongside its volunteer, reserve, training and operational activities.

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"Bazelet" youth activity in Jaffa

On the day of local elections, participants in the Bazelelt Youth Project embarked on an exciting activity in the city of Jaffa. The opening event was a challenging "Amazing Race"-style competition through the charming alleys of Old Jaffa. After the winners were determined, the group proceeded to the home of the Bar-Sheshet family.

The Bar-Sheshet family (the family of fallen unit member Moti Bar-Sheshet z"l) hosted the group for a traditional Jaffa meal, and Moti's comrades-in-arms shared stories of his heroism during his service in the Samson undercover unit.

With big smiles on their faces, the group returned to the youth village, looking forward to the next youth activity in April.

Many thanks to the Bar-Sheshet family, the "Team Dynamics" company, and the members of the association who accompanied the activity.

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Bazelet youth project - 2024

Three Months Late, the "Bazelet"  Youth Project Opens its Doors for the 2024 Academic Year.

Delayed by three months due to the Iron Swords conflict, we are excited to announce the launch of the Bazelelt Youth Project for the 2024 academic year.

The program, which is packed with various activities like tours, seminars, and workshops. It was meticulously planned by the association youth team and the village management.

We wish the participants a fruitful and meaningful year, and we always remember that "to aspire, to dare, to persevere, and to achieve" will lead us to success and fulfillment!

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Upcoming Basalt Youth Project Activity to Take Place in Beit Shemesh Area

The next Basalt Youth Project activity will take place in mid-April in the  area of ​​Khirbet Burgin, near Beit Shemesh.

During the activity, we will experience group dynamics in a fun way, perform special tasks in caves, and learn how to achieve both personal and group goals.

You are invited to join us! (For details, contact Barak / Yazkal).

Fundraising campaign

We're Launching Our 2024 Annual Fundraising Campaign!

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2024 annual fundraising campaign. Your generous donation will help our organization continue its work and achieve all of its goals and objectives. (The organization is approved for tax credit purposes under Section 46.)

Please visit the donations tab or click on the link to choose your donation options.

As part of the joint activity with the Shimshon Battalion (Battalion 92 of the Kfir Brigade), the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Azriel, and his officers give lectures to teenagers before their enlistment in the IDF. These lectures provide the boys with information about enlistment in the IDF, the required preparations, and a broad overview of the battalion's activities in recent times.
As part of preserving the heritage of the Shimshon Mistaaravim undercover unit (Unit 367) and the cooperation of today's Shimshon Battalion, ceremonies for joining the battalion and awarding Samson wings to the fighters who have completed the fighter's course are held at the Bazalat heritage site (the commemoration site for the fallen warriors of the Shimshon Undercover Unit) located in the Ayanot youth village.

Cooperation with the SHimshon Battalion

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              Lectures for Organizations and Employee Committees

What exactly is Fauda'a? How do you become a Mista'arev (undercover counterterrorism unit fighter)? How do you behave in enemy territory?

All this in a breathtaking lecture given by soldiers and commanders of the Samson Mista'arvim unit.

All proceeds from the lectures are donated to the activities of the "Bazalt" Association.

You are invited to watch the promo...

The SHimshon Warriors Memorial and the Fallen Grove, have been re-established near Kibbutz Kisufim

After many years, the memorial site was re-established and a new grove was planted in memory of the fallen soldiers of the Shimshon undercover unit.

The site was established near Kibbutz Kisufim, where the unit's former base was located.

דף הבית: About

Mista'arvim (undercover) unit 367

about bazelet association


The Samson (367) Unit was an elite undercover unit that operated in the Gaza Strip between 1986 and 1996. The unit was disbanded following the agreements signed by the State of Israel regarding the Gaza Strip. During its years of operation, the Samson Unit and its fighters played a vital role in combating terrorism, leaving behind a legacy of creative, relentless, and uncompromising dedication.

The "Bazalt" Association:

In 2008, veterans of the unit established the "Bazalt" Association, with all activities carried out on a volunteer basis. The association has set itself several goals:

Preserving the legacy of the unit.
Embracing and strengthening ties with the fallen fighters families.
Promoting self-empowerment (values, Zionism, leadership, mutual support) for teenagers.
Engaging in social activities and contributing to the community.

Building a memorial site for the fallen soldiers of the unit at the "Aynot" youth village, emphasizing the importance of education, developing an educational program for personal and group empowerment for the 9th and 10th grade students.
Organizing memorial events in memory of the fallen comrades.
Establishing a volunteer unit in the Border Police to counter terror activities, crime, and kepping the public order.
Core Values:

The Samson Unit and the "Bazalt" Association are guided by the following core values:

Volunteerism: All activities are carried out by dedicated volunteers who are committed to giving back to the community.
Comradeship: The strong bond between the unit veterans members is a cornerstone of the association's activities.
Education: The association is committed to passing on the unit's legacy and values to future generations.
Contribution to society: The association actively engages in social activities and initiatives to benefit the community.
Looking Ahead:

The Samson Unit and the "Bazalt" Association are committed to preserving the memory of the fallen soldiers and continuing to contribute to the State of Israel. The association's activities serve as an inspiration to all who believe in the importance of courage, sacrifice, and dedication to a higher cause.

Call to Action:

The "Bazalt" Association invites all those who share its values and vision to join its ranks and contribute to its activities. The association is always looking for volunteers to help with its various projects and initiatives. For more information, please visit the association's website or leav us a message.

The members of the board of directors, as well as the members of the association, carry out all the activities on a completely voluntary basis.

board of directors

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